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[cellml-discussion] Expanding the CellML abbreviation

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  • From: j.lawson at auckland.ac.nz (James Lawson)
  • Subject: [cellml-discussion] Expanding the CellML abbreviation
  • Date: Tue, 03 Jul 2007 14:37:53 +1200

David Nickerson wrote:
> Hi Andrew,
> Sounds like a good idea, although I would like to see the 'using
> ordinary differential equations' bit dropped.

(slightly OT)

I see quite a few papers that have 'more advanced' models using partial
differential equations. Is CellML ever going to encompass PDEs or is
this the realm of fieldML?

> It would also be good to try and work this definition into the front
> page at cellml.org - that is the most common place I look when I need a
> brief blurb on CellML. Might possibly fit in with a new section on the
> website on "How to cite CellML" ??
> Andre.
> Andrew Miller wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have noticed that a lot of people who refer to CellML (generally
>> people who don't use CellML, but reference it) feel obliged to expand
>> the abbreviation, and they generally expand it as "Cell Markup Language".
>> As far as I am aware, we have never actually said that CellML stands for
>> Cell Markup Language, and indeed, that expansion doesn't really make
>> sense, because CellML does not aim to mark up cells at all, and it is in
>> some sense independent of biology at a technical level. However, unless
>> we can agree as a community that CellML doesn't stand for "Cell Markup
>> Language", there is a risk that people will keep calling it that, which
>> could result in a misunderstanding of what CellML is.
>> I suggest that we put the following note up as an errata to the CellML
>> specifications (please indicate whether you agree with the intention of
>> this, and whether you agree with the specific wording):
>> "CellML is not intended to be an abbreviation, but rather, it is simply
>> a name used to identify the language. The fact that CellML starts with
>> the word 'Cell' is a result of its original intended use. However,
>> CellML is actually a generic mathematical modelling language which can
>> be applied in a range of disciplines. It is worth noting that CellML
>> does not stand for 'Cell Markup Language'. Instead, when introducing
>> CellML to an audience who may be unfamiliar with it, a short explanation
>> of CellML is recommended. For example, 'CellML (a mathematical model
>> markup language most commonly used to describe biological systems using
>> ordinary differential equations)' ".
>> Best regards,
>> Andrew
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